The California Alliance for Arts Education advocates for high quality arts education for all students by providing policy expertise and by mobilizing a statewide network of advocates and allied partners.

The Alliance is in its fifth decade of working to build a brighter future for our state by making the arts a core part of every child’s education. A statewide leader and convener, the Alliance galvanizes California’s educators and other experts in arts and culture to increase access to quality arts education and improve the quality of arts education.

Our efforts focus on three key areas:

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Through media coverage, public presentations and an array of online tools the Alliance engages the public in state and local arts education advocacy.

STATE POLICY: We champion essential funding and supportive policies to advance quality, accessible arts education. The Alliance authors briefing papers on critical topics, which advance sound policy development.

PARTNERSHIPS: Partnerships with leading state education, parent and arts organizations as well as business leaders and members of our Policy Council extend our reach to millions of California citizens. Our statewide local advocacy network, called Arts Now Communities, builds the capacity of advocates to communicate a unified message in their local communities by providing advocacy expertise, communications tools and leadership development.

The Alliance’s Policy Council, composed of allied partners from education, business, arts and parent organizations, develops the Vision Framework, which describes the desired outcomes and the broad areas of policy and practice for our work.