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Arts Now Communities receive leadership development, strategic assistance and communications tools from the California Alliance to support coalition building, strategic planning and arts education advocacy. Now in over thirty California communities, these coalitions convene business partners, community, arts and parent organizations to stand together for quality, accessible arts education for all students. Below are the most recent blogs from Arts Now Communities. For more information contact Robin Hampton

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Big Shoes to Fill: Taking Over for Ron Bolles


Leadership transitions can be hard on grassroots volunteer efforts, and for Keith Davis, who recently assumed the role of lead organizer for the South Bay Alliance for Arts Education, there was the added challenge of having some very big shoes to fill when Ron Bolles stepped down. 

“Ron had worked as a highly respected VAPA teacher and Facilitator in our  district for thirty- seven years. He’s known as a passionate and credible advocate for the arts in the community,” according to Keith.

Keith himself is a longtime supporter of the arts in South Bay, serving as the marketing director and then Executive Administrator of the San Repertory theater for a decade, then as the manager and go-to guy for  [name] both Eastlake and San Ysidro High schools' state of the art theaters. He joined the South Bay Alliance for Arts Education in 2011.

Located in southern San Diego County, the South Bay group is one of thirty coalitions spread across California that, with resources from the California Alliance, builds support for arts education in local schools. In their first year, the group undertook a Facebook campaign that activated local advocates and made elected officials sit up and take notice; the group built strong relationships with school board officials by offering solutions and taking a collaborative rather than oppositional approach at public meetings; and they used local music events to highlight the benefits of arts education and bring their message to the larger community.

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Parent Arts Network Symposium
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Daniel Pink in the OC

Linked Orange County would like to invite you to a very special event:

Specific Ways to Advocate For Arts Education in Your Community Now

"Advocacy" can be a pretty daunting word.  Really, it's about creating opportunity for conversation, information sharing and action.  If you're reading this, it's likely you subscribe to the school of thought that the arts is an essential component of any education that contributes to the success of students.  But how can you, an individual, share that sentiment with those who are not necessarily part of the "choir"?

Full STEAM ahead: Arts, STEM and 21st century learning

It’s autumn in the Rockies and a season for debate and confrontation. In nature, the bugle call of the male elk woos mates and incites challengers for control of the harem. In politics, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney return again and again to the West to assert their positions. Why fight it? This month, let’s take a look at the argument for adding an “A” to STEM to create STEAM and acknowledge the role of the arts in 21st century learning.

Students at "A+" Schools Outperform Others!

"A+" Schools in Oklahoma draw national attention, steady stream of observing teachers and administrators, with its emphasis on the arts, and strong evaluation focus. Here is an excerpt:

"In 2010, Oklahoma A+ Schools issued a five-volume re

Giving Thanks For Those Who Make Arts Education Possible

Amador County Arts Council Launches Advocacy Effort

Amador County is one of five local arts councils to join the Alliance’s Local Advocacy Network this fall. The program offers empowers local communities to keep arts programs in schools by providing the strategic assistance, leadership development and communication tools. The five local councils support from bring a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to this work. Each one hosts a breakfast event for community leaders to gather and unify local support for arts education. 
Jack Mitchell, Publisher of the Amador Ledger Dispatch was one of the hosts for launch event in Amador. His inspired remarks are included here. Thank you and welcome to all of our new allies! 

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